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All computers need attention every so often. ComputerSure offers a basic service, whereby we provide you with the knowledge, software, support and hardware that you need in order to keep your computer running.
Should your computer suffer catastrophic failure, then we will be on hand to advise and assist you in replacement and help you to get up and sunning in the shortest possible time, at the best possible cost.

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Open Source Initiative

The Open Source Initiative is an international initiative that supports the provision of the source code of computing software, for free, to the world.
What this means is that companies such as Canonical provide the source code to their Ubuntu operating system, and the applications that they, eg. Canonical, write themselves, for free, to anyone in the world. The only provisio for this is that you pass on the favour.
Whislt this may sound illogical, it actually creates a collaborative environment in the world, where people with good ideas can develope them without needing to rebuild an entire operating system. Imagine a property developer in the world. He/she wants to build a mall, but they are not the builders, carpenters, electricians etc.. What they do is take the knowledge and skills that exist, compile them in the manner that they want, and the result is a new, possible innovative, mall.
In this way, everybody contributes to the success of the new operating system, and everybody wins, either by using the new operating system, or developing it further according to their needs.
Large, single entity corporations, develope their products in-house, are limited by the imaginations and craft of their personnel. This leads, generally speaking, to a stagnation of creativity and developement, a single-mindedness that limits the product to a single chain of developement. Until a new creative element enters the chain, and then history repeats itself.
The Open Source Initiative is what has lead to the developement of initiatives such as IOT (Internet of Things), really sercure network managment and fantastically diverse operating systems (Linux) that are functionally and aesthetically far superior to the mainstream products available in the market today.
ComputerSure supports the Open Source Initiative.

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