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Our Scalable Solution

Our device offers three options

1. Enterprise Grade Firewall

2. Secure Web Proxy

Managed Internet Gateway

Our flexibility

Choose any combination of the three options

Our firewall will protect your entire network

Our secure proxy server will speed up your internet experience by massive margins

Our Internet gateway allows you to do the following:

1. Manage who accesses your network at home or office

2. Run your own hotspot and manage the speed and amount of data available to visitors

3. Manage who can work and at what times they can work

4. Limit times, speed and amounts of data

5. Take control of your network

Scalable Solutions

Scalable means that various options can be offerred easily

Scalable means that it can be used for 1 or 1000 users without the need to change anything

Easy installation, easy maintenance

Minimum of devices

Maximum peace of mind

Desktop Solutions

  • Desktop and Laptop Devices
  • Microsoft Windows and Office
  • Linux Distributions
  • Open Source Software
  • Hardware and backups

Security Solutions

  • Enterprise Grade Firewalls
  • Internet Gateway Servers
  • Secure Proxy Servers
  • Combination Solutions
  • Protection is PARAMOUNT

Additional Services

  • Media Servers
  • Solid State Hard Drives
  • Wireless Networks
  • NAS Devices
  • Desktop Support
  • Domain Names and Hosting
  • Websites & Email Accounts
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