ComputerSure Solutions

Everyday Computing and Security Solutions

Desktop Solutions: Provide and replace hardware

Desktop Solutions: Install and maintain Operating System and software

Desktop Solutions: Maintain hardware and home/business connectivity

Migration to Linux

Provide and maintain NAS devices and Media servers

IT Consulting regarding purchase and functionality


We can reduce the cost of your Operating System adn software significantly by migrating you to Linux

Linus is pretty awesome, and looks good as well

Do you want to manage what your family or staff see on the internet, at whats speeds they work, and when they work, so that you can work when you need to?

We offer solutions from security to e-commerce

We also offer all manner of servers, so that you can preserve your data or run your own service

Desktop Solutions

  • Desktop and Laptop Devices
  • Microsoft Windows and Office
  • Linux Distributions
  • Open Source Software
  • Hardware and backups

Security Solutions

  • Enterprise Grade Firewalls
  • Internet Gateway Servers
  • Secure Proxy Servers
  • Combination Solutions
  • Protection is PARAMOUNT

Additional Services

  • Media Servers
  • Solid State Hard Drives
  • Wireless Networks
  • NAS Devices
  • Desktop Support
  • Domain Names and Hosting
  • Websites & Email Accounts
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